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Adrian Rivera
Adrian Rivera

Murphy's War Subtitles Bosnian

It started to be managed from the United Kingdom. Somewhere at that time, both the Arabic and the English feed of the channel were merged. In consequence, on 3 January 2005 Disney Channel Middle East started to simulcast Disney Channel Scandinavia, including its schedule and the prints of the series and movies for this feed (modified to feature also Arabic dub credits). Then on November/December 2005 Disney Channel Scandinavia and Middle East started to add dub credits to the series and movies through subtitles.

Murphy's War subtitles Bosnian

The Blu-ray Disc from Eagle Rock features solid video and audio quality, though picture quality obviously suffers in many of the shots of archival footage. Disappointingly, there are no bonus features/supplements on the disc. Much of the doc is told in the native language of the people interviewed, with subtitles translating these moments. A separate soundtrack CD is also being sold. 041b061a72


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