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Thanks for such a wonderful, thorough fabric store list! I live in a place where there's not much to choose from, and I would much prefer to order from a small shop than from Joann, etc. I book-marked each site you recommended. :) Thanks again!



Fabric Shack of Waynesville, Ohio. Recently went to online only thanks to the pandemic. 20,000 bolts. Great customer service. 150 miles away and to us it was worth the trip to go down individually.. We used to stop on our bus tour on the way to Paducah every year. One year I ordered fabric and made a blouse beforehand. When I wore it on the way down the clerk who cut the fabric recognized me by it. I had also ordered some fabric to be picked up in person that day.

You will tend to find a mix of quilters and garment sewers so there will be different weights of material on offer and you need to read the descriptions and ask questions to make sure the fabric will be right for your project.

Once you are a member of these facebook groups of course you can also sell your own fabric online to declutter your sewing space and make room for all your new bargains. I have another post all about 3 Ways to Sell Fabric Online.

But it is not just garment sewing fabrics that are sold as deadstock, you can also find quilting cotton on a lot of these websites or other types of fabric that can be used in both garment sewing and quilting like linen, denim, and chambray.

But by definition, there is a finite stock of these fabrics so you will still need to keep quantity in mind when buying. You can probably find yards of fabric at a time but you may not be able to come back the next week or month and buy more of the same.

If you are somewhere where these kinds of front yard sales are a common occurrence they are also a great place to look for fabric or items made of fabric that you can deconstruct and repurpose for quilting.

So if you are into repurposing and upcycling reclaimed fabric then there is no easier way to get your hands on some fabric than to ask around the people you know to see if anyone is going through a declutter and wants to offload some old clothes, bedding or towels.

Looking for a wide variety of fabrics including apparel, craft, and home decor, all at discount fabric prices? You've found it! We are able to find special buys, and we pass the savings along to you!

Please Note: This is a small selection of our newest and most popular fabric groups - for our full line, contact your sales representative or contact Robert Kaufman Fabrics to become a wholesale customer.

Retail visitors from across the globe visit the warehouse to stock up on Marshall Dry Goods "Classics" line of cotton prints as well as thousands of other quilt fabrics, specialty sewing fabrics, batting, and more.

I agree on all points. You definitely want to properly collect and remit sales tax and retail has already shifted significantly in all sectors, including quilting, and that will only continue. I do have faith that excellent local shops will survive.

I am also thinking about opening a shop, I live in a small community and just recently our fabric store closed down not because of lack of business it was intertwined with a hardware store and they just decided to close the door. I am interested in did you open you shop and how did you get it started?

Marianne, I am considering opening a shop in a small town. The closest location to purchase fabric is 45 minutes away. Do you have any information on opening a shop. This article was the first one that I saw that was helpful.

I work in the fashion industry and specialize in apparel design, development, and mass production. I am used to purchasing wholesale fabric by the roll at 50-100 yards per roll. My biggest hesitation before starting my Etsy shop as a side project was how do I buy small quantities of wholesale fabric? Fast forward to about 6 months ago, I discovered most of these companies and was blown away by the fact that I could order 15 yard BOLTS at a reasonable per yard price. I had no idea and I have been in the fashion industry for over 12 years, sewing for myself for over 28!

Many quilters are in the pre-washing camp, but there are just as many who skip this step. Before you dive in and start pre-washing your quilting fabric, there are a few important things you should know.

Manufacturers of quilting cotton fabrics are well aware of color fastness concerns and have come a long way in tackling this problem. They check for color fastness several times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that their dyes are completely set before their fabrics head out the door.

With a focus on product quality and customer service, we provide South Louisiana with a wide range of 100% cotton fabrics and essential quilting supplies. Our fabric selection includes over 9000 bolts of Quilt Shop Quality cottons. Specializing in Wide Backs(98"-120" wide) and Batiks. We offer piecing, long-arm quilting, and binding services, to help you finish your quilting projects.

Some fabrics bleed dyes when they get wet and can stain the other fabrics in your quilt. Dark, saturated colors and lower-quality fabrics are especially likely to bleed. Use this simple test to detect fabrics that bleed:

This 100% premium cotton quilting fabric is designed to mimic the look of pieced quilt blocks. The void space between the printing measures approximately 8 inches square and is the perfect size to use with Aunt Martha's or Stitcher's Revolution transfer patterns.