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Bob Levey: Good afternoon, friends and neighbors and welcome to July-in-May. Do you suppose it's sunspots what is makin' the weather so weird? Or is it just Mother Nature telling us to beware the next three months? In any case, I am thanking my lucky stars (and my Big Boss) for the A/C, which is humming over my head even as I type.Speaking of humming (man, is this guy the king of horrible transitions or what?), let's see if we can get into humming territory. As always, any subject is fair game. Let's get cookin'..... Bowie, Md.: Bob, will you and Marc Fisher stop messing with our minds.Two weeks ago Marc cancels his chat and you appear on Thursday.Last week your Friday chat isn't Speaking Freely.This week Marc's on Friday.No wonder the weekends keep catching me by surprise.Bob Levey: They blame The Post for everything else. Why not messing up weekends, too?I suspect the Fisher-man had to switch his days for the same reason that I sometimes do -- other stuff that's pressing on him. We will try real hard to stay out of each other's way. Silver Spring, Md.: Could you provide some details about Levey's List? I've seen you mention it before. Specifically, what types/condition of donations does it accept, where do they go, and how do you arrange a donation. I will be moving this summer and may have some stuff to get rid of.Bob Levey: Full details will appear in my column of May 11. But not to torture you too hard.....We accept large items only. "Large" means anything that one fit adult cannot lift comfortably. All you do is place the item on the list by calling, faxing or e-mailing. We give the list to whoever asks for it. The next sound you hear is your phone ringing, and a stranger asking to make arrangements to pick your item up. Please bear in mind that we can't guarantee that items will move by a certain date. So if you're going to move on Tuesday, and you call the list line on Monday, it probably won't be the answer to your prayers. Give it at least three weeks notice, if possible. Thanks. Washington, D.C.: Bob --Can you get Dr. Gridlock on as a guest some time? I think that would be fun!Bob Levey: He isn't too keen about on-line discussions. He did one -- and only one -- about two years ago. Word is he didn't enjoy it. I can try to persuade him that this is really no different from answering the phone. But it may be an uphill climb.Washington, D.C.: Hey Bob!What are your thoughts on Bush's first 100 days?Bob Levey: He is a little smoother than I expected and just as removed from the day-to-day as I expected. At the moment, he looks very, very much like a one-term president, because he won't get all (or perhaps even any) of his big priorities on the Hill. Besides, the economy is clanking as it never did under Clinton. Besides II, he still doesn't look very presidential, especially when he appears next to other heads of state. Besides III, he leans very hard on Cheney, and where is he if Cheney dies or is too sick to continue? All in all, it has been a downbeat administration so far. Nothing wrong with that willy-nilly. But it makes me concerned that Bush can't go the distance in a crisis. Laurel, Md.: Bob,Regarding Wednesday's column about the taxi passenger who got ripped off while going to Reagan National: did you realize that you only referred to the airport as Reagan National only once in the column? At least twice, you referred to it merely as National Airport. Did Bob Barr send any complaints to you after he read the column chiding you for not referring to the airport by its proper name?Bob Levey: No beefs from Bob Barr, and none from my editors, either. The official policy around here is to use "Reagan National Airport" and "National Airport" interchangeably, and without "English." I tried to do that.Washington, D.C.: What are your thoughts on Jenna Bush?Bob Levey: Someone is spinning that story mightily (I wonder who!). The question isn't whether other 19-year-olds do stupid things. The question is why Jenna hasn't yet grasped the fact that her father is president, and every single thing she does is going to be (or could soon be) under the microscope. It takes a special obliviousness to break the law in public and not think your Daddy will pay for it in some way.Arlington, Va.: Bob --I'm 26 and, not to sound impudent, didn't ever think I'd end up on the same side of the generational gap as you. But your column this morning rang so true that it was almost scary. I have a tape player in my car and although all of my "new" music is on CD, everything from my high school years and before is on tape (including dozens of so-called "mix" tapes). I cannot for the life of me give them up, and refuse to pay Best Buy $200 bucks to install a CD player in my car. I guess what I'm saying is, if you can't find tapes elsewhere, you're welcome to borrow some of mine!Bob Levey: Thanks for the offer, and welcome to the "bad side" of the generational divide!I'm going to say no, only because I've been inundated with similar offers all day. I'd never have time to listen to your tapes even if I asked you to send them to me. Virginia: Did you ever think you'd see the day where the topic of adding Metro in Georgetown would be seriously revisited?Bob Levey: No, I didn't -- and I'm still not sure it'll happen, because the expense would be so, so enormous. Not just the cost of digging the hole. The cost of the disruption to that already-congested part of town. Alexandria, Va.: So Washington, D.C./Baltimore is up for consideration for the Olympics. Yeah, our traffic infrastructure could handle that. BwaHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA.Bob Levey: Our public transportation system would sure help. It's far, far more developed than Atlanta's or L.A.'s was. Bethesda, Md.: Hockey for Children's Hospital Update:The Caps took an early playoff exit but the Colorado Avalanche are racking up dough for Childrens Hospital. A little roughing calls here and there but no fighting major penalties were called in the Caps series with Pittsburgh and none so far in the Av's series with the Kings. Total to date: $15 from the Caps and $25 from the Av's.In summary to those not in the know:I've pledged $10 for each fight the Caps got into in their Stanley Cup playoff run. Since their Cup run always seems to end early, I pick the Colorado Avalanche after the Caps are out. Fights are non existent in the Cup playoffs, and I didn't want Children's to go empty handed, so I've promised $5 for each Caps and now Avalanche win and an additional $5 if either Olie Kolzig or Patrick Roy get a shutout (three to date). Caps won two games and had a shutout in round one before being eliminated and the Av's have three wins and two shutouts in round two.Yours truly will mail the Bobster a check when the playoffs end in June with the Av's hopefully hoisting the Cup and the Caps doing so next year.Bob Levey: You are sure looking good right now, Bethesda. However, I'm still betting that goonsmanship will out, and those toothless hockey wonders will revert to their caveman ways.Columbus, Ohio: RE: your column on Nadine Zucker not being able to return unreceipted items to Target, I'm dubious about her credibility. Too many scam artists are causing the average person to pay higher prices to make up for store losses. The fact that she has done this more than once, even before the grandparent incident with the toy car, gives cause for concern over either her organizational ability to retain receipts, or her motives. Mark my vote for Target. Zucker sounds like the type that would "buy" a dress for a special occasion, wear it,and then return it the next day with some excuse or another. Get it together Ms. Zucker, you are the problem. Bob Levey: Sorry, but the only problem that Ms. Zucker has is that her relatives don't live here, and they are constantly sending gifts to her two young sons. Are you trying to suggest that she is a professional booster who's trying to rip off Target? Wash out your mouth with soap. She is a suburban Mom who is very, very busy, and who can't be bothered to ask Uncle Joe in Tulsa to send her his receipt so she can exchange the gift he sent her son.Fairfax, Va.: Bob-o! If you had to give it a percentage right now, what's your odds that (1) Washington-Baltimore will be the U.S.'s entry for the 2012 Olympics and (2) the IOC will then choose it?And ... do we really WANT Baltimore-Washington to host the Olympics? I might have to move by then if we get them! LOL.Bob Levey: 1) Below average, mostly because the venues would be so spread around. L.A. was the last site to have so much going on so far from downtown. The IOC didn't love that.2) Depends on politics, as usual. If a foreign city were to make an equally lucrative bid, I suspect that city will win the games.Arlington, Va.: What is Bill Clinton up to lately? Glad that he's off the front pages now, but still curious about what he's doing (besides dining in fancy restaurants with "West Wing" cast members.) Anything substantial and worthwhile?Do you think that Bush is getting away with his non-involved, low-profile role because Bill was so "out there" publicly, with his hands involved in everything and his face plastered at every and any newsworthy event? Bob Levey: Clinton is doing nothing substantial or worthwhile, as far as I know. He's also not doing as much mega-bucks speaking as he expected to do.A pal in the speaking biz says the one thing you don't want for $100,000-plus is controversy, in the form of half of your constituency staying away out of annoyance or anger. Yet that's what the Billster produces.I really do suspect this will change when Clinton surrounds himself with a role of some sort (visiting professor? author? both?). He can't be a gladhander and a fund-raiser the rest of his life, can he? Can he? Can he? Washington, D.C.: Bob, I want to complain about The Post's editorial page. Every day they have some criticism of the tax cut. It's old, and unoriginal. Not that this is necessarily the time, but are they even capable of acknowledging that there might be circumstances under which our nation needs a cut, or that government spending needs limitations set through cuts? Their bias discredits them, I think. I also think it's a disconnect that they are more intent on lambasting Bush for the notion that taxpayers should get money back than on harassing congress for the complete WASTE of our money through pork barrel spending. What do you think?Bob Levey: Why is having an opinion that you don't change a sign of bias? I think it's a sign that you're not licking your thumb and holding it up to the wind. Wouldn't you be very quick to complain about that, if it were ever to happen?Remember, too, that the editorial page has not been universally or relentlessly anti-Bush. Isn't it just possible that a tax cut is a bad idea?By the way.....SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT!!!!!!!!Our guest on "Levey Live" on May 15 will be Fred Hiatt, the editor of The Post's editorial page. He'll take on the bias question, and any others you might want to cast his way. That shows begins at noon Eastern time.Bowie, Md.: Re: OlympicsWouldn't they be held in August when the normal indigenous traffic is pretty light?Bob Levey: Yes, but I think that light-traffic-in-August idea is mostly a myth. I realize that we have become far more than a federal city lately. But just as many feds take vacation in July as in August. And more of them take vacations at the end of December than in EITHER July or August.Washington, D.C.: Please settle an argument for me: Do bicyclists belong on the road or on the sidewalk?Bob Levey: On the road in downtown Washington, on the sidewalk everywhere else. You can get a map from the D.C. government that shows which area of downtown is covered by this rule. In general, it's the busy section from the Hill to 22nd and K.Arlington, Va.: So why is the older, wiser, more mature side of the generation gap the "bad" side? Bob Levey: Because we have fewer years left in which to strut our vast wisdom -- not to mention our excellent taste in musicVirginia: I read in Time that Al Gore has gained a lot of weight. I guess he's not running anymore. Do you know if he and Tipper will be down here as honorary co-chairs (or whatever they were) of the Race for the Cure this summer? I always liked seeing them get out for the cause.Bob Levey: My 14-year-old son saw the Al-ster at a high school lacrosse game the other day, and here's how he put it to me:"Al is even fatter than you are, Pops."Isn't it nice to know that faint praise will survive into the next generation? Arlington, Va.: Maybe Jenna Bush doesn't have a good relationship with her father, and she's actually enjoying watching her father squirm.Bob Levey: Possible, certainly. But what a way to zing the old man!Chevy Chase, Md.: Bob, I still have (and play) LP's, and I was one of the last on my block (or anywhere else) to get a CD player, but tapes have gone the way of LP's and 8-tracks. Now you know why the music they sell by toll free number on TV is "not available in any store," why they're full of "oldies," and why they're available in Cassette as well as CD. It's because you can't get "oldies" or "cassettes" "in any store." If you want tapes, call the toll-free number, now, before it's too late. Best regards, Tape-a-saurus Rex.Bob Levey: Thanks, you dinosaur, you. Tampa, Fla.: Hi Bob,A lot of times in your column you mention an incident that took place on an airplane trip you took. I know you take a couple of vacations a year, but do you also travel for business? Just curious.Bob Levey: Yes, I travel often on business -- and it's usually just the kind of travel that Americans have come to hate: out and back to Chicago, New York, Detroit or Florida, on the same day. That means up at 4:30 a.m., get to BWI (the cheap point of departure), fly, do my business, then fly home, usually trudging in the door at about midnight. If I weren't such a spry dude, those 20-hour days would really cramp my style. By the way, sitting in middle seats is the one thing that will make me old before my time.Washington, D.C.: Hey Bob,What do you think is the best way to sell a car these days? Newspaper ad,, Carmax -- any thoughts?ThanksBob Levey: My spies tell me that The Post's classifieds are still by far the best.No, I haven't been promised a weekend in Barbados for typing this.And I'd never accept it anyway.Because I'd probably draw the middle seat!Arlington, Va.: Is it just me or does Metrorail go out of its way to ensure that transferees from one line to another invariably -just miss- their connecting train? For example, mornings I ride the Orange line from East Falls Church to Rosslyn and then take the Blue line to King St. Invariably, the Blue line train is pulling away just as the Orange line train arrives. Then we wait. Argghh! To whom might I complain about this?Bob Levey: I've kept a journal on this for the last year, and I can assure you that you're just on a cold streak. Next week, it can (and probably will) improve. The schedules of every line are only approximate. They don't schedule your transfer so you'll barely miss it. They couldn't hew to such a tight schedule anyway, even if they wanted to. Laurel, Md.: Speaking of Jenna Bush, I was wondering about your opinion of this. Laura Bush demanded that the press stay hands-off her daughters the way they left Chelsea Clinton alone. Isn't there a difference here? Chelsea was merely 13 when the Clintons entered the White House, a very young child indeed. The Bush girls are 19 years old, and therefore adults. Not that presidential children should be targeted all the time, but wouldn't you think that Mrs. Bush is a little overprotective of her two adult children? Bob Levey: I don't blame Laura Bush for being overprotective. Any mother would be (or would try to be). The person who deserves all the blame is Jenna. She needs a trip to the woodshed, pronto.By the way, do you think the press will treat Jenna differently from Chelsea? I suspect the answer is a resounding yes. There's a heap of difference between 13 and 19. MH in Maryland: Bob, I want to know what you and your readers (all of whom are obviously smarter and more insightful than average) think about this:I work for a public information line, and I occasionally get people who end their call with "Have a happy Easter/Christmas!" I know they mean well, and I appreciate the sentiment, but having been raised Jewish, it's always rubbed me the wrong wa


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