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How Control Machete's "Comprendes Mendes" Became a Christmas Classic

How Control Machete's "Comprendes Mendes" Became a Christmas Classic

Control Machete was a Mexican hip hop group that emerged in the late 90s with a distinctive sound that blended rap, rock, and regional influences. Their debut album, Mucho Barato, was released in 1997 and featured their most famous song, "Comprendes Mendes".

Control Machete Comprendes Mendes Acapella Christmasxmass

The song is a defiant anthem that challenges the listener to understand the reality of the streets and the culture of the group. The chorus repeats the phrase "ÂMe comprendes Mendez?" (Do you understand me Mendez?), which is a reference to a popular Mexican TV show from the 80s called "ÂQuà nos pasa?" (What's wrong with us?). The show featured a character named Mendez who was always confused and out of touch with the situations around him.

The song became a hit not only in Mexico but also in other Latin American countries and even in the US, where it was featured in the soundtrack of the movie Amores Perros. The song also gained popularity among acapella groups, who found its catchy melody and rhythmic structure ideal for vocal arrangements. One of the most notable examples is the version by Vocal Sampling, a Cuban acapella group that recreates the sounds of instruments with their voices.

But how did "Comprendes Mendes" become a Christmas song? Well, it turns out that the song has a hidden connection to the festive season. The lyrics mention several times the word "control", which is not only the name of the group but also a slang term for cocaine. In Mexico, cocaine is sometimes called "nieve" (snow), which is also a common symbol of Christmas. Moreover, the song samples a famous Christmas carol called "Noche de Paz" (Silent Night) at the beginning and at the end, creating a contrast between the peaceful melody and the aggressive rap.

Therefore, some fans of Control Machete have adopted "Comprendes Mendes" as a Christmas song, either as a joke or as a way of celebrating their identity and culture. The song has also been parodied and remixed by other artists, adding more elements related to Christmas, such as bells, sleighs, and Santa Claus. For example, there is a version by DJ Rasec that mixes "Comprendes Mendes" with "Jingle Bells" and another one by DJ Pelos that mixes it with "All I Want for Christmas Is You".

So, whether you are looking for a different way to spice up your holiday playlist or you are just curious about this unusual phenomenon, you might want to check out Control Machete's "Comprendes Mendes" and its acapella and Christmas versions. You might be surprised by how much you enjoy this rap classic.

Control Machete was formed in 1996 by three friends from Monterrey, Mexico: FermÃn IV, Pato, and Toy Selectah. They were influenced by American rap groups like Cypress Hill and Public Enemy, as well as by Mexican rock bands like Cafà Tacuba and Caifanes. They also incorporated elements from their local culture, such as norteÃo music, slang, and humor.

Their first album, Mucho Barato, was a success both critically and commercially. It sold more than 500,000 copies and received several awards and nominations. It also opened the doors for other Mexican rap artists to gain recognition and exposure. Control Machete continued to release two more albums: ArtillerÃa Pesada in 1999 and Uno, Dos: Bandera in 2003. However, in 2004, the group announced their separation due to creative differences and personal issues.

Despite their breakup, Control Machete remains one of the most influential and respected rap groups in Mexico and Latin America. Their songs have been covered by other artists from different genres and have been used in movies, TV shows, video games, and commercials. Their legacy is also evident in the solo careers of their members, who have continued to produce music and collaborate with other artists. e0e6b7cb5c


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