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Venice Bedroom Set (P) At Leo Sims

As soon as you complete the Propose event the first time you marry two sims in the game you will complete the wedding quest to unlock the Honeymoon Suite bedroom set, there are 15 parts to this quest and 2 days to complete it

Venice Bedroom Set (P) at Leo Sims

Hey my the sims are Fiance status , relationship status 10 , but there i s no option to get married. They were in the Fixer Upper story.Do they need the soulmates story?. How do I change the story to soulmates?

Weird, they should definitely have the propose option if they have completed that story, I suggest you let the makers know about this issue and hopefully they will be able to fix it for you: -Reports/bd-p/the-sims-mobile-bug-reports-en 041b061a72


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