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Foxhole (2021)

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Foxhole (2021)

We first meet his core cast in the middle of the American Civil War, where Jackson (Motell Gyn Foster), a Black soldier, is wounded in hand-to-hand combat with a Confederate soldier (Asa Spurlock). After killing him, Jackson makes his way to a foxhole being dug by fellow Union soldiers Clark (Cody Kostro), Conrad (Angus O'Brien), Morton (Alex Hurt), and Wilson (James LeGros). The soldiers then debate whether their duty is to continue digging or to take the wounded Jackson by stretcher to the closest medics.

More interesting as a concept, or an acting exercise, than a movie. A set of actors play soldiers stuck together in a foxhole in three separate wars: the Civil War, WW1, and the Iraq War and they all face moral dilemmas (well, kinda. The first and second ones feature moral dilemmas, and then the third is the same as the first one, basically, but nobody really seems much conflicted about anything). I wish the movie had been able to tie the three segments up more thematically. I think the prevailing idea is that war is bad but soldiers are good.

The action shifts to the First World War. The same actors, a different trench, and a different situation, when a German soldier (Alex Breaux) stumbles into the foxhole where American soldiers are sheltering. Expediency says shoot him, the code of gallantry dictates that, as a prisoner of war, the German should be spared and sent to a internment camp. Again an ethical discussion, again Conrad all for mercy and Clark for severity, the older guys also breaking down into opposing camps as the debate heats up about what the real purpose of this war actually is and what human values actually mean if they cannot survive a test. It comes to a vote, at which point Jackson, fully alive and kicking in this scenario, comes into play.

"Three wars. Three locations. One fight."In a span of 36 hours, we follow five American soldiers in three wars: the American Civil War, the First World War and the Iraq War. The group of soldiers is trapped in a foxhole. In their current combat situation, the men try to deal with themes such as meaninglessness and morality. 59ce067264


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